Sweet Residence Elevator

Sweet Residence Elevator Venus series (VRP) is LIWIN's new launched product responding to challenge of ageing society and high-rise building. The new residential elevator developed by LIWIN's experienced technical team improves life quality of elders and physical challenged person, implementing our vision of "Enjoy Lifting with LIWIN".



Model VRP-05 VRP-06 VRP-07 VRP-08
Drive type Geared Traction Machine
Control Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency (VVVF)
Operation Collective Operation for Residence elevator
Speed 45 60 45 60 45 60 45 60
Capacity 5人 6人 7人 8人
Load 385kg 450kg 525kg 580kg
Cabin Size 1300x800x2200 1300x900x2200 1300x1050x2200 1300x1200x2200
Door type CO 4C CO 4C CO 4C CO 4C CO 4C CO 4C CO 4C CO 4C
Opening Width 800 1000 800 1000 800 1000 800 1000 800 1000 800 1000 800 1000 800 1000
Power Supply 3 φ 220V/380V, 50/60HZ
Motor 5 7.5
Maximum Travel 30 Meters
Overhead 5 5.2 5 5.2 5 5.2 5 5.2
PIT depth 1200 1500 1200 1500 1200 1500 1200 1500
Safety Devices CNS-10594 / CNS-15827-20
 Please contact sales if special design or material is needed.


Explain the optional function
Standard option Option for additional charges

Extend the door opening function
Keep to press the button “open door”over 3 seconds in the operator of the cabin, the door can last to open for three minutes (the time depends on the customer’s requirement) to facilitate the wheelchair entering the cabin.

Overload Limit
When the loading detector detects an excess of weight, cabin door will stay open and the elevator is prevented from moving. Meanwhile, the alarm will sound until the load is reduced. The elevator will then resume to normal operation.                                                                                 

Safety Light Curtain Device
The automatic sensor on Safety light curtain device ensures passenger's safety.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

By rapidly pressing the floor number button twice, the passenger can cancel the registered floor.                                                               

Passenger priority function
If the passenger keeps to press the “closing”button, the elevator will arrive the appointed floor and temporarily neglect the other’s floor calling. 

The monitor can be set and connected to monitoring system according to clients' needs.                                                                                                 

Anti-clamp Function
The door would reopen when double safety edge detects passenger or object.                                                              

Auto Energy Saving
Cabin LED lighting and fan will be turned off automatically in the standby mode.                                                                          

Earthquake Control Operation
When an earthquake occurs, the elevator will operate to the designated floor and open the cabin door automatically.

Emergency Lighting
In case of power failure, the emergency light (5W) will automatically activate. The lighting lasts up to 30 minutes.

Floor Indicator
Cabin/ Hall operating panels will display the elevator floor location.                                                                                              

Automatic Rescue Device
In case of power failure, the elevator will operate to the nearest floor for passengers to escape.

Emergency calling button
While in the situation of power-cut or emergency, press the ring button to make the alarm signal for help to the outsides.                 

Door open, close button
Press the “open”button, the door will be opened again; press the “close”button, the door can be closed earlier to eliminate the waiting time.

Access control system
This system allows passengers to enter designated floor with card or RFID key.                                                                                                                                 

It can set up the outside connection and contact with outsides in emergency. The telephone numbers will be provided by owner.














Landing Door

4C Type

Dimension : W1000xH2000mm

Jamb : Standard Splay, Stainless Steel/Decorative PVC Laminated Steel Plate

Door : Decorative PVC Laminated Steel Plate (Also available in translucent window)

CO Type

Dimension : W800xH2000mm

Jamb : Standard Splay, Stainless Steel/Decorative PVC Laminated Steel Plate

Door : Decorative PVC Laminated Steel Plate (Also available in translucent window)

Decorative PVC Laminated Steel Plate









Car Operating Panel

COP-21 Walnut wood decorative plate


COP-22 Stainless Steel decorative plate


COP-11 Walnut decorative plate


COP-12 Stainless Steel plate



Wooden handrail/ WHR

Stainless Steel handrail/ SHR

Plastic Flooring












Hall Call Panel with Control Lock


Walnut decorative plate EOP-31


Stainless Steel plate    EOP-41


Walnut decorative plate EOP-32


Stainless Steel plate    EOP-42

Maintenance Lock

 (Only for Technician)

The maintenance lock is installed on the landing door to allow the technicians to access if an emergency or breakdown happened.



Ask the wheelchair user to check the space and location of the entrance.






To ensure the quality of product, proprietor shall ask related engineering party for the excluded work as below.

1. Provide power source with grounding for the elevator (Voltage variation should be less than 5%)
2. If outside communication is needed, please apply for the telephone line to connect to the control room.
3. Provide accurate dimensions for the hoistway, pit depth and overhead. (Vertical tolerance within 3cm; horizontal tolerance less than 10cm).
4. Provide the complete surface of the level line for landing door of each floor.
5. According to the layout provided by LIWIN, reserve the space for landing door and maintenance door. Upon completion of installation, cement backfill or decoration will be necessary.
6. Waterproof and drainage works in the pit shall be finished before installation.
7. Pipes or cables for other facility are not allowed inside the hoistway.
8. If the elevator stops at the top floor, waterproof shall be installed on the landing door to protect from rain.
9. Please offer passageways to carry elevator equipment and storage space as well.
10. Provide temporary power source for installing and commissioning.
11. Provide safety fences for landing door and other openings during installation.
12. Required noise control measures when the elevator is set in quiet space.


Elevator breakdown or power failure :

A. Emergency light can be maintained for 30 minutes.
B. The loophole can maintain the air circulation when the elevator breakdown.
C. Emergency Exit (CNS provisions)
D. Automatic Rescue Device (Optional)
E. External contact to relevant authorities or relatives (phone by owners)
F. Connect to the security system (cables provides by the owners)
G. Contact to our local technician directly.

Do not use the elevator upon earthquake, fire accident or floods.

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