Sweet Stairlift

For more than 30 years, LIWIN has been devoted to the goal of “Creating a happy and comfortable living space”. LIWIN Plus Commercial Elevator and Sweet Home Elevator go on sale around the world and have international reputation. As for existing buildings or average residence, which is hard for expansion due to limit of space, our professional engineers provide another solution.
LIWIN Sweet Stairlift with single rail doesn’t require change of building structure. With special measure tools, the stairlift is installed with ease, speed and quality, helping elderly or family member with difficulties in action to enjoy lifting.


Product Features:

Easy, convenient, and simple to operate
The stairlift does not need to change or damage the building’s structure. It needs only to install a rail and the chair on the existing stairs of a house. The simple but intelligent design makes the product easier and more convenient to install and use.

Comfortable, safe, and high-quality
LIWIN inspects every product with the strictest safety standards, emphasizing every detail as well as the whole operation. In addition to the professional technology and design beauty, our stairlift also offers comfort, steadiness, safety, and quality.

Short delivery time and quick installation
The single rail design with special measuring tools for installation, strict production quality procedures, means prompt delivery to our customers. The process from delivery to installation takes only 15-30 days to finish, satisfying customers’
needs quickly.

Respect and honor our guests, Service always comes first
“Respect and honor our guests”“Get to the bottom of things”“Strive for continuous improvement”These are LIWIN’s brand culture. We listen to the customers’ needs, provide them with prompt and satisfying service, and search for solutions with the spirit of getting to the bottom of things. Creating unique value by striving for continuous improvement and sticking to “You Deserve the Best” are LIWIN’s unchanged promises!


Item Specs Note
Power Supply DC 24V  
Load max. 120 kg  
Remote Frequency 433.92 MHz  
Traveling Speed(Straight) 5~9 m/min  
Automatic Deceleration
Curving Speed
2~3 m/min  
Motor Lift Brushless DC Electricity
Motor 350W
Turn Brushless DC Electricity
Motor 80 W
Operation Joystick Left/Right Side
Remote Control For Goods
Aided Operation IR Remote Control Used by Caregiver
Swivel Fuction  
Safety device Emergency Button  
Footrest Collision Sensor
Seat Collision Detecting Sensor
Electromagnetic Safety Brake
Seat Belt Rotator
Prompt Tone
Holder for Cane/Umbrella
Battery Capacity Sensor
Stairlift size
Min. Width of Stair Outside 70cm Site Assessment
Inside 75~80cm (Consider the handrail wide)


Product Selection
Color of Seat Cover



Dark Blue


Color of Rail
Standard Optional






Q & A

 Aspects to considers before buying a Stairlift?

1.Stairway width:
Excluding the handrail, Stairlift require about 70-75 cm of stair widht to be able to operate safely and smoothly.

2.Stairlift rail height:
Stairlift requires rail to operate and will be installed on the stair. The height of the rail must be at the right height; if it's too high it will be difficult for the passenger to ride the Stairlift and looks bad. But if it's too low it will be dangerous for the stair user.

3.Ease of use and safety:
Operation must be intuitive and easy to use and safe. One of the safety feature of the joystick for the operation is the joystick must be held to move with hand or arm. When the joystick is let go, the stairlift will stop. The position of the joy stick could be changed depend on the owner's specification. The Stairlift is also equipped with the anti-collision device that will stop the Stairlift if collide with any object. 

4.Operation comfort and noise:
You must personally experience the Stairlift to judge it.