Established on October 29 at Anho Road of Taipei City, Taiwan.


Headquarter and factory were moved to Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung City.


Stationed in Innovation and Incubation Center of Central Academy of Science. Acquired a subsidy from Commission of National Corporations, M.O.E.A. to develop “Energy-saving Hydraulic Elevator.” Invested in Universal Worldwide Co., Ltd. of Delaware, U.S.A. and re-invested in Shanghai, China to set up “Shanghai LIWIN Equipment Co., Ltd.”.



Daiichi Industries, Co., Ltd. (Japan) entrusted LIWIN to manufacture clean lifters used for semiconductor and TFT-LCD industries.


Renamed as “LIWIN Mechantronic Technology Co. Ltd.”
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 were all licensed by Universal Certification Service Co., Ltd.


The new plant and Headquarters located in Taichung Precision.
Machinery Technology Innovation Park (PMTIP) were inaugurated.



Acquired 3-year consultation of TBM (Total Brand Management).


Joined the 39th Taichung Living Exhibition.
Executed the CITD technical developing plan to assist the traditional industry.


Proceeded the Market Plan for Small& Medium Enterprise which was held by China Productivity Center.
Joined the 40th Taichung Living Exhibition.


Launched the new product “LIWIN SWEET STAIRLIFT.”
Set up the company ASCEND PLUS ELEVATOR & ESCALATOR CORPORATION in Philipines by joint venture.
Certified Branding Taiwan Plan ll which is held by IDB, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Joined KE Show 2015 in Kun-Sun, China.


Exported the product "LIWIN SWEET STAIRLIFT” to Southeast Asia and European countries.
Joined the 12th WEE EXPO in Shanghai, China.
Certified Branding Taiwan Plan ll which is held by IDB, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Joined Indonesia Building Mechanical Electrical Expo 2016.


Joined the 30th Taipei Building Show 2018.



Business Concept

Elevator industry is a technical service industry. It is not only to focus on the quality of products, but also to provide parts supply and after-service. Especially, after a long-period usage of the products, to complete all customers’ data for checking purpose is important and necessary. Only by doing this, LIWIN can fulfill the commitments made to customers for continuous service to avoid being and “Elevator Orphan.” LIWIN always puts employees’ cultivation and training as a key point for long-term development, through on-job training and rigorous appraisal system to promote employees’ potentiality and centripetal force; also to gather the common value under the enterprise culture. Under the commitment of “You Deserve the Best,” LIWIN provides customers with more outstanding products and services; in addition to the standardized products structure, it also provides customized service to satisfy the demand of clients.

Business Strategy

LIWIN has been running aggressively and continuously the self-owned brand “LIWIN” for 30 years to set up a complete CIS (Corporate Identity System). Not only to emphasize the international management but also to focus on company external image; internally, to promote employees’ working morale efficiently, unify documentations, ease management, and develop performance appraisals; externally, to strengthen company quality service, improve advertising effectiveness and visibility, create company image in order to improve customers’ loyalties to the brand of “LIWIN”. Since 2010, LIWIN has set up a complete comprehensive brand management system (TBM) under the counseling of TAITRA which includes: brand vision, brand culture, and brand commitment to establish a touchpoint management and markets promotion models. By 30 years preparation, LIWIN has rooted and plowed deeply in this piece of land and is sailing towards the world.


“ Enjoy Ups and Downs ” is the brand vision of LIWIN and is the supreme principle of corporate internal products design and manufacturing. To create an enjoyable riding will be the main spindle of products planned design in the future, strengthen products’ situational design and decoration taste in order to create a safe, warm, and comfortable riding space.

Customer First
LIWIN employees provide customers with speedy and satisfactory services, deeply from “Hearts”, by their friendly attitude, neat appearance, and skillful technology.
Quest for Fineness
Check every detail by a very picky attitude in order to find a best solution for problem solving and inspect each working procedure rigorously until all products and services are satisfied by customers.
Quest for Perfection
With the pursuit of breakthrough & innovation, LIWIN continues to quest perfection by means of employees’ proposals, the wisdom and brainstorming of the team in order to create continuously the uniqueness of products and its extraordinary value.

Brief Introduction

Date of Establishment: 29 Oct 1981

Person in Charge: Abin K. B. Lo

Capital: NT$100 million

Headquarters / Factory: No. 7, Jinke E. Rd., PMTIP, Nantun Dist., Taichung, Taiwan

Service Office: Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Kaohsiung


                             No. 688, Gu-Tai Rd., Baoshan Dist., Shanghai, China

No. of Employees: Approx. 100 employees in Taiwan

                                Approx. 20 employees in Shanghai

Professional Firm Registration: No. 40B1000064 (Lifting Equipment)

                                                     No. 40M1000148 (Parking Equipment)

Associations / Organization: Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI)

                                                 Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer’s Association (TEEMA)

                                                 Taiwan Association of Elevators

                                                 Taiwan Association of Parking

Main Products: Elevator, Escalator / Moving Walk, Clean Lifter / Carrying Equipment